Enhanced Xpressions Features

Enhanced Xpressions gives you, as a parent, access to near-real-time data from your school’s database.

This can include:

  • Your child’s timetable
  • Staff that teach your children or are associated with your child
  • Your child’s attendance and statistics
  • Your child’s behaviour record
  • Your child’s achievement (positive behaviour, awards)
  • Your child’s exam timetable (secondary schools only)
  • Your child’s assessment and progress stats
  • The school calendar – containing published events and important dates.

You can access this in the Xpressions app by tapping the 3-line (hamburger) icon in the top left, or (coming soon) using the ‘Actions’ menu under your child’s Timeline.

Note: Groupcall are not responsible for the data shown here, nor are we responsible for what you can and cannot see/have access to. Please discuss all matters relating to this with your school.

Important: The above features are only available where the school has purchased the feature-set. If you do not have access to this in Xpressions, it will be because the school have not purchased it, or the school uses a database that is not currently compatible with Xpressions. Schools that do have this feature can also limit the information areas that is made available to parents.

Currently, all schools in Scotland do not have access to this feature.