I am receiving an error when trying to access my child’s data

If you are seeing an error message when trying to access the ‘Enhanced’ section of Xpressions (attendance, behaviour, achievements, assessments, school calendar or timetable) , or Xpressions tells you your child is ‘offline’ – this is a data communications issue at the school.

Xpressions connects to your school’s Management Information System (MIS), a central database which is usually located within the school itself. To present the data to you in Xpressions, there has to be a secure communication link between the app and your school’s MIS (via the internet). If there is an issue with the communication link, Xpressions cannot download and display your child’s information.

This is not a fault with Xpressions, and is out of Groupcall’s control. However, we will always work with your school to alert and assist them in resolving the issue as soon as possible. Once the issue has been resolved, Xpressions will function as normal.

Note: Please do not log out or reinstall the app to try and fix it as this will not fix the issue.


If you receive this error, please contact your school to inform them, and email us at ParentSupport@groupcall.com so we can work on resolving the issue.