Why does the App need so many Permissions on my phone/tablet to run?

To operate, Xpressions needs to save data on your device; when you first run the app, you may be asked for this permission by your device.

Each platform that the app runs on manages access to this local storage in its own unique way.

Xpressions will never read information from your local storage – you cannot (nor will the app) send documents or photos to the school (or any other Xpressions user/device etc).


Requires you to give explicit permission for any app you install to access your media storage.

Although the Android permissions box mentions Photos, the app does NOT gain any access to your photos or other personal items stored on your device.


Allows storage access automatically during installation for any app you install.

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Where does the information in the Xpressions app come from?

Every school has a software system called a Management Information System (MIS) which stores information about students. It contains personal details, contacts, attendance, assessments, examinations as well as attributes such as behaviour and attitude.

Now the school is using Xpressions, the data they hold is not only used for emergency contact, it is used to a) allow you to sign in to use the Xpressions app and b) verify you are who the school think you are.

Please remember that if you change any contact details, it is essential you notify the school so they can update their records. Xpressions uses contact details stored in the school MIS only so if you have not told the school office, your details may be incorrect. You should check that the details they hold are correct if you have changed your phone number or email address recently or since the annual check the school carry out. Each school will have a process you may need to follow or a form to fill out in order to do this; please speak to your school office to find out what is needed.

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