Let’s get straight to it – you’re here because something isn’t working. So let’s get it fixed!


If you are having any issue with using Xpressions, we in the Parent Support Team can, and will, help!

While we do our best to ensure a good experience, there are some problems that occur more frequently than others, but can be corrected with some simple tips, tricks or advice.

We are here to help on the email address below and will endeavour to respond to you the same day, but if your problem matches an item below, please follow the advice before getting in contact with us.

Common Problems with Xpressions

If you do email us, please give as much detail as you can, including which school or schools you are associated with as this will help us support you much faster. Any appropriate screenshots can also help.

The Parent Support Team are here 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and where possible outside these hours too.

Email us at ParentSupport@groupcall.com.