How does Xpressions work?


Xpressions provides parents with a portal to receive messages from the school, such as updates, information about trips, emergency closures and more. In fact, anything the school currently sends by SMS text message or email!

Parents will see a number of timelines, filtering the messages they receive, and can receive messages for more than one child, even if they attend different schools (assuming both schools are subscribed to Xpressions).

If they school has purchased the Enhanced Subscription to Xpressions, and they have a compatible school database (MIS), parents can also see details about their children’s progress. See Enhanced features for a list of features and compatible systems.

Xpressions uses a parent’s email address and mobile number as part of the login process – it is critical that the school(s) have up to date email addresses and mobile numbers for Xpressions to work.

Parents do not need to perform any other setup process – just download the app from the appropriate app store on their device. Xpressions can be downloaded, installed and logged into on more than one device.

How do I log into Xpressions?