Besides school wide general messages the Xpressions app prompts and supports classroom teachers to help you to support learning at home with curriculum-focused messages. Over a period of time you may receive links to excellent online resources together with simple ideas for home-based learning activities. Improved communication will reassure you that you are a very valuable part of your child’s learning.

As well as improving access to supported learning, the Xpressions Timeline simplifies communication by having all messages sent from the school in a single unified place putting an end to checking text messages, emails and wrinkled notes for that important piece of information. When coupled with the Calendar view, the admin tasks associated with being a parent of a school age child are suddenly a lot easier to manage!

Click the Icons shown at the top to filter the timeline to a student or event type such as school messages or homework notifications.



The school calendar displays school activities and events. They are divided into different categories. If you have access to more than one school you can clearly see which event is from each school.

From the Home Page click on the Calendar icon to view all events or filter by type.