I am not getting notifications about new Xpressions


Notifications for Xpressions are the pop-ups (usually accompanied by a ding, buzz, flash or other alerting mechanism) that grab your attention and tell you there is a new Xpressions message to look at – and usually a summary of the message.

It is important to note that notifications on mobile devices are controlled by the operating system supplier (Apple for iOS, Google for Android), and Xpressions, like many other apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc), has to interact with this system to work properly, and is limited by what those companies make available.

When you log into Xpressions, this registers your device to receive notifications with a central service, and when you log out, it switches this off again. For this reason, you MUST remain logged in to Xpressions to receive notifications.

If you are logged out of Xpressions, you will not receive notifications.

I am logged in and always am, but still get no notifications

If this is the case, a log out and log in, following these instructions, often solves this issue.

Notifications are dependent on the internet to be received – if you are in an area with little or no wifi/3G/4G then it is possible Xpressions notifications will not reach you, or reach you right away. For this reason, the school system that sends a notification has an optional feature (optional per school) to send a ‘backup’ SMS message when a notification is not receive in a reasonable timescale. If you receive an SMS and not an Xpression, this is a normal function of the system, to ensure you still receive important messages from the school.

Notifications are also still relatively new technology compared to SMS, and so are known to be less reliable. SMS also has the fortune to be able to use the cellular network to be delivered via, which is more prevalent throughout the UK than 3G/4G.

If nothing here resolves your problem, email us at ParentSupport@groupcall.com, we’re here to help.