You should rarely need to log out of Xpressions, unless to fix a problem…


Once you are successfully logged into Xpressions, the app is intelligent enough to keep you logged in for as long as you need – similar to how WhatsApp and other messaging apps work. Logging in is when you enter your email address, mobile number and Passcode or Password. This is different from just closing the app, where all you are asked for is a PIN to unlock the app.

You should not log out of Xpressions fully unless there is a real need (like you no longer want to use the app) or you are directed to, to fix a problem.

When you log out, it sends a signal to the services that provide you with message notifications, saying that you are logged out, and until you log back in, you will not receive any notifications of new Xpressions on your device.

I have been asked to log out and back in again, to solve a problem…

Despite how robust Xpressions is, sometimes things get stuck or need a gentle kick to get it working again! If you are directed to log out of Xpressions and back in again, there is a simple 3 step process to follow with some important information:

  • Before you start, ensure you have a good internet connection, either Wifi or 3G/4G. Log out of Xpressions using the logout option in the app
    • When you log out, it sends a signal to a number of systems to tell them of this – which requires an internet connections. This is important to ensure all the services know this
  • Wait around 10 minutes
    • This gives all the services plenty of time to receive the signal and take the necessary actions
  • Log in again as normal
    • Logging in also checks though the central Xpressions servers to match up any/all children you have associated with you, in different schools, and activated the notification service

A log out/log in does not cure everything, but most things, and is worth a try if you have been asked to by the Parent Support Team or by an article here.

Note: Any changes the school makes to their data can take up to 48 hours to filter through to Xpressions – it is not an instant change. If you are directed to log out/in, you need to wait for this 48-hour window to pass before doing so, or nothing will change.