I cannot login to Xpressions…


If you are having an issue logging into Xpressions, this is often due to an issue with the data your school holds about you, specifically your email address and/or mobile number. Please check the following requirements – some may seem obvious or you may assume the school has the correct data on file, but before you contact us, please make sure with the school.

Things to check:

  • You are logging in with the same email address you have supplied to the school
  • You are using the same mobile number as the one you have supplied to the school
  • The school have accurately recorded both your email address and mobile number in their school database, and they have recorded those details in the correct place in their database – check with your school
  • The school have not added additional information to your email address or mobile number in their database, such as ‘work’, ‘mum’, ‘try first’. This will cause issues with your login – check with your school
  • If you have recently changed your email address or mobile number, check that the school have updated these details in their database

Any changes the school makes can take up to 48 hours to fully filter through to Xpressions.

TIP: You should never need to log out of the Xpressions app (except to solve an issue) – if you do log out of the app, you will stop receiving notifications for new messages until you log in again. Avoid logging out as much as possible. You can always close the app, and Xpressions will restart automatically when your device restarts.

Note: Any changes the school makes to their data can take up to 48 hours to filter through to Xpressions – it is not an instant change. If you are directed to log out/in, you need to wait for this 48 hour window to pass before doing so, or nothing will change.

If nothing here resolves your problem, email us at ParentSupport@groupcall.com, we’re here to help.