I am missing a child in Xpressions


If you are not seeing one of your children in Xpressions, whether the children are in the same school or not, this is nearly always due to an issue with the data your school holds about you, specifically your email address and/or mobile number. Please check down the following requirements – some may seem obvious or you may assume the school has the correct data on file, but before you contact us please make sure with the school.

Things to check where all children are in the same school:

  • The school has linked you to all your children in their database – Xpressions relies on the school’s database to be accurate for everything to work properly
  • Depending on the school database in use, the school may need to ensure all records of you have the correct email address and mobile number – some databases have a parent record for each child, and these all need to have the correct data in them
  • If the school has recently updated your email address or mobile number or if you have had a new child recently start at the school, try logging out of the app and back in again. See here for information about logging out/in of Xpressions

Things to check where children are in different schools:

In addition to the advice above for where children are in the same school:

  • Ensure all schools have the correct email and mobile number recorded – these must be the same for all schools for your children to be linked together. Check things like spellings of email addresses carefully
  • If changes have occurred to try to resolve a missing child in Xpressions, you may need to log out and back in again to fully link your children together. See here for information about logging out/in of Xpressions

Note: Any changes the school makes to their data can take up to 48 hours to filter through to Xpressions – it is not an instant change. If you are directed to log out/in, you need to wait for this 48 hour window to pass before doing so, or nothing will change.

If nothing here resolves your problem, email us at ParentSupport@groupcall.com, we’re here to help.