PayOurSchool is an income collection system for schools. PayOurSchool enables schools to set up custom activities for payment and then allows parents to pay for these activities by text with their smartphone in a few clicks. It also allows parents to top-up cashless catering balances or pay for school dinners.

Parent Payment Process

POSch_SecurityBlankWhen there are items ready for payment from your school, you will receive an Xpression containing a link (URL) e.g.
Clicking on this link will display your personalised PayOurSchool pages in your browser.

  • Enter the last two letters of your surname.
    • In some cases this can be the last two letters of your child’s surname if it differs from your own.
  • You have three attempts to enter the two letters correctly.
    • If incorrect letters are submitted on the 3rd attempt, you will be locked out of your account and you will need to contact your school to restore access.
  • After authenticating successfully you are shown the ‘Payment Requests’ page where you will see a list  of outstanding items for the student concerned.
    • Important: To protect yourself from possible fraud (a site looking like PayOurSchool to trick you into sending them money), you will be able to check that you are really using PayOurSchool by checking the link (URL) begins ‘…’. Another check is when you have logged in, you should see your child/children’s name(s) on payment items, and you should (but not always) see your school’s logo at the top. if you do not see these, or you have any doubts whatsoever, do not make a payment and report your concerns to the school.
  • POSch_PaymentRequestsSelect the item(s) you wish to pay for by clicking on the slider control; this must be switched to ‘Yes’ to make a payment.
  • Select ‘Pay Now’ to proceed to the payment screen to enter your card details. Depending on the activity, the school may also ask you for ‘consent’, for example for a school trip.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete payment.

A ‘thank you’ message will appear once payment has been successfully processed.