I cannot ‘open’ an Xpression, or the Xpressions tells me ‘I have been sent a message’…


If you are seeing this sort of message, this is because the school has sent this as the message to you. It would be like you friend sending a text saying ‘I have sent you a message’ – that is the content they wrote. Unfortunately, Groupcall and Xpressions are not in control of the content of any messages the school sends you.

An Xpression, the box on the timeline in the app, is just a message – you cannot click or tap it to open. If you are sent an attachment with the Xpression (for example, a flyer for the school dance), this will appear as an icon below the message (depending on the type of attachment), which you can click to open.

If you have any issues with the messages the schools are sending you, please get in touch with the school to discuss.