Download and Log into Xpressions


1.  If you have not already done so, install The Xpressions App.

 Google Play  App Store
2.  When you have installed the app, open it and enter your email address then click ‘Next’.

All personal details will be taken from the school records, so the information you provide needs to match what they have on file. If you are unable to enter details successfully you will need to speak to your school office. If you are sure you have entered information correctly but you still see an error message, it is likely that the school records are incorrect so please contact your school.

3.  Enter your mobile number and click ‘Next’.

When you have entered details correctly you will receive a text message to your mobile phone containing a 6 digit code.

4.  Enter this code on screen and press ‘Login’.

If you do not receive a code, use the ‘Resend Code’ function. However there can be delays due to mobile phone providers and other factors outside of the control of Xpressions and the school so please wait for at least 5 minutes and ensure you are in an area with mobile phone coverage.

5.  Create a Password (Recommended).
It is recommended that you create a password for your account at this stage. If you need to login again, or on another device, having a password will make the process easier. See our recommendations for a strong and secure password Setting a Strong Password


It is recommended you review our advice on protecting your data on your device, and what to do if your device is ever lost or stolen