Where does the Xpressions app get my contact details from?

Every school has a software system called a Management Information System (MIS) which stores information about students. It contains personal details including: contacts, attendance, assessments and examinations information as well as attributes such as achievement and behaviour.

You can think of this like a giant electronic filing cabinet with ‘records’ for each child. At least once a year you will be asked to check and update the information the school holds in this electronic filing cabinet. It is essential that these are correct at all times in case the school needs to contact parents in an emergency.

The Xpressions app uses contact details stored in the school MIS ONLY. Please remember that if you change any contact details it is essential you notify the school. If you have changed your phone number or email address recently, or since the annual check, make sure school records are updated.

Your school will have a standard process to keep records correct so, please contact your child’s school if any details need amending.



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