The Xpressions Timeline


When you are logged into Xpressions, you will first see your ‘Timeline’. This contains all the Xpressions (messages) you have been sent about all of your children. Each Xpression is tagged with various information so you know what school it has come from, which child it is about, what school system sent the message (as other systems the school can use Xpressions to make contact – for example, a payment system for school trips).

You can filter the timeline to see just certain types of Xpressions, and you can flag Xpressions as important to easily find again later.

If you swipe to the left, you will reveal other timelines, one each for your children, and more. This gives you another way to filter the messages, by using different ‘swimlanes’.

On the sidebar on the left, the icons allow you quickly navigate to those swimlanes.

You will see a ‘globe’ icon – this reveals a list of websites, details and applications specifically added by your school to help provide you more information.

The ‘?’ icon runs an interactive guide to using Xpressions.