How parents can engage in their children’s learning

There are some very simple things that parents and carers can do which will have an amazing effect on children’s learning and progress.

  • Read together – this is one of the most important things you can do. Your child will understand that you value books and the time you spend together reading should be fun. Reading is not just for primary school children! Older children should be encouraged to read newspapers, magazines or pages on the Internet with you. If you find reading English difficult ask for help from an older child, neighbour or friend.
  • Value learning – one of the most important things you can do is to make sure your child knows you want them to learn. Alongside good health, a good education is the most valuable and precious gift any child can be given. Every moment your child spends at school and shares this with you at home will impact their future development.Mum_boy_reading
  • Know what your child is learning – if you want to talk about what your child is doing at school you need to know what they are studying. Don’t worry, you don’t need to fully understand it! Not many parents would understand higher level Mathematics but just saying, ‘How are you getting on with probability?’ will show your child that you’re interested. For primary children and years 7-9 you can see what is being taught in the National Curriculum on the ParentApp  website (
  • Learning materials – your home should be rich with things to share with your child to help them learn. They don’t need to cost a penny as there are some fabulous free resources now available. ParentApp ( has brought these together and has made them easy for you to find.
  • Homework – every parent should oversee and support their child with doing homework.
  • Make space – even the youngest children need somewhere quiet to concentrate for reading and homework. You may not have a separate room for this; if not, ensure that sometime during the day when your child is at home the TV, radio and media players are switched off.